Embrace change!

We help clients create workplace cultures that embrace and integrate values of inclusiveness and equity across their entire organization.

Our work is inspired by one very deep passion – to contribute to The Beloved Community envisioned by the late U.S. Congressman John Lewis. There are many paths toward creating a world in which every

person lives a life free from racism, discrimination, and marginalization. We will help you find your path.

The field of diversity, equity, and inclusion has evolved beyond the notion of simply hiring minority individuals to achieve ethnic and racial diversity. Achieving inclusive diversity is more than a numbers game. And it is hard to do. We will help you do this work.


Michele Hudgins Ozumba is principal and founder of Michele Ozumba & Associates, a consulting firm which helps organizations develop effective programs to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

She is the former President of the Women’s College Coalition and past CEO of Women’s Funding Network, a global philanthropic organization representing 166 women-led foundations. She has over 25 years of international experience and expertise in executive leadership, academic teaching and research, women-led philanthropy and innovative program development. 

What Makes Us Special

Excellence in executive management, program development, strategic planning, and building creative partnerships among a broad diversity of groups and individuals.


Domestic and international experience in philanthropy,

cultural and gender diversity, maternal and adolescent health, public policy analysis and university teaching.


Executive organizational, communication, and public speaking specialists.

Our Services

Are you ready to take on the hard work of building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture? Have you been asked to lead this effort for your organization? 

Are you trying to determine the level of resources and amount of time needed to create a culture and environment where a diversity and inclusion effort can take root and thrive? 

Michele Ozumba & Associates can help you map out the path, assemble the playbook and recruit the team you need to reach success.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one coaching, on-going consulting services and advice, or facilitation for a retreat or leadership summit, Michele Ozumba & Associates can help you prepare for, execute and sustain the hard work needed to create a culture and environment where The Beloved Community can take root and flourish.


Plans that are based upon facts are plans that can succeed. Michele Ozumba & Associates can assemble the research your organization needs to make smart decisions. Employ us as a resource that can contribute the unbiased insight and perspective that is necessary for launching any worthwhile undertaking.


Knowing what you want to be is only the first step in transforming an organization.

Developing a realistic, comprehensive strategy to get there is complicated and hard, but necessary work. Michele Ozumba & Associates can guide you through the process of research, analysis, decision-making, goal setting and Implementation planning that are key components of strategy development.


Michele Ozumba & Associates offers the D3 Journey as a guided learning experience that provides an historical and global foundation for meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion, and that puts in perspective the hard work that must be part of tackling systemic inequities.

D3 (Doubling Down on Diversity) is offered as a stand-alone experience or can be integrated Into a broader effort for advancing inclusive organizational cultures. 

We believe in advancing learning through guided experiences – and offer D3 Journey as a virtual or on-site experience.


She is a life-long learner, with the astute ability to tailor the most promising practices for her stakeholders’ best results.  She leads with humility and relational positivity that motivates people to bring their best to shared goals.  Michele’s impressive track record is a demonstration of her deep talent coupled with her relational values.  


Primer Michaels

It has been an honour and an inspiration to collaborate with Michele on the area of diversity, inclusiveness and leadership. Michele is a unique facilitator and educator who creates a safe haven for the exploration of racism. She approaches race through an integrated learning model as she equips leaders with the historic lens of racism and then creates experiential learning through sharing and dialogue and poetry. Michele imbues her work with integrity, personal credibility and an international view of racism as a global phenomenon. With Michele, the sensitive and emotional topic of racism is in safe hands and through her grace and experience she allows for healing and personal enrichment.

kay formanek
Founder & CEO 
Kay Diversity & Perfomance

A global economy and demographically changing workplace and customer base require all institutions to maximize organizational and human dimensions of diversity through inclusion. Michele Ozumba offers practical cognitive and emotional capacity - building methods that leverage differences rather than ignoring, minimizing or assimilating them. Her approach honestly and ethically confronts systems and practices that maintain racial, gender and all forms of exclusion and offers the opportunity for a sustainable future.

Frank mcclosky 
Retired Vice President